Share A Dumpster Rental For Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is in full swing in neighborhoods around the country, which means people are likely loading down their cars and trucks with loads of unwanted items to haul to the dump. You can save time by renting a dumpster during your big spring purge. To save money, consider going in with your neighbors, who are also likely in the midst of spring cleaning and decluttering, to split the cost of a larger roll-off dumpster. The following can help you plan this neighborhood spring cleaning event.

Recruit Neighbors

Your first task is to recruit some of your neighbors to share in the rental. Start by asking around to see if anyone else is planning to do a major spring cleaning and purging of old items. Of those that are, then determine if the items they are purging can be disposed of in a dumpster. As a general rule, hazardous items like paint, fertilizer, and fuel, along with some electronics, cannot be tossed into a dumpster. Most other items are allowed.

Determine Parking and Permits

Location matters when it comes to a roll off dumpster. You will need to first check with your municipality and HOA to determine if there are local codes about dumpster placement. You may be allowed to park it on the street temporarily with a permit, or it may have to be placed in a driveway or otherwise on someone's property. Once you know the rules and whether permitting is necessary, you can determine the best place to park it that will be most convenient to all of the neighbors that will be using it.

Choose a Dumpster Size

Once you know who will be sharing the dumpster with you, it's time to determine the size. This part depends on everyone being as honest as possible about the amount of detritus they plan to dispose of. A rental service can actually come on site and walk through the rooms where people are planning to declutter so that they can develop a trained estimate on the dumpster size you need.

Set a Time

You can set your rental delivery time once you have all the above details worked out. Most cities only allow dumpsters to sit in front of properties for a short window of time, typically a week or two. Further, some dumpster rental services will also add a surcharge if you keep the dumpster for an extended period. Ideally, you should plan for a neighborhood cleanup weekend or week. Choose the window of time when everyone will be able to commit to cleaning out their property and stick to it.

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