What Does Your Mold Inspector Do?

Mold is a serious issue, and any trace of mold found in your home is worthy of further study. You do not want to live in a home that has any mold in it as it can have serious implications for your health.

These are some of the steps a mold inspector will take if you complain about potential mold in your home. Each step is an important part of the process of uncovering hazards in your home.

Visual Examination

The first step of a mold inspection involves a visual examination for mold. The inspector will look for mold and evidence that it might be lurking somewhere in your home. This could include signs of water damage or discoloration.

Identify Causes of Mold

If mold or signs of mold are found, the inspector will begin an assessment of the cause. The inspector will look for signs of mold growth and potential factors that may have contributed to its development. Cutting off the source will be helpful in preventing further growth.

Obtain a Variety of Samples

Whether or not an inspector finds the cause of the mold, it is important to gather samples. Each type of sample serves an essential purpose in determining what steps need to be taken next.

In the case of an air sample, it will help determine if your home is safe to live in. If the air quality is poor, you may need to take swift action to eliminate mold.

Next, the inspector may look for surface samples. These samples will be taken from places near the perceived growth, and they will help determine what kind of mold you are dealing with.

Samples of carpet and other parts of the home may also be collected to help determine the type of mold and the extent of potential damage. Testing in a lab can reveal a lot about mold, and you may be able to move closer to mold remediation with the information gleaned.


After your mold inspector leaves, you may be asked to put together a plan with a professional to eliminate mold. This process is called remediation, and it can help your house return to the safe environment it once was.

Contact a Mold Inspector

A mold inspector is the best person to help you work through the challenges ahead. If you suspect that you have mold in your home, you should not delay in contacting a professional who can help you.

For more information, contact a mold inspector near you.