Cottage Food Laws And Food Safety Testing: An Overview

If you live in a state that permits cottage food bakers, you may be thinking about transitioning your baking from a hobby to a business. Cottage food bakery laws permit a baker to operate out of their home kitchen, but there are some restrictions that you need to know about. One of those restrictions is in perishable product sales. There are certain recipes that must be tested to ensure that they are safe to consume without refrigeration. [Read More]

Why Take Advantage Of Commercial Trash Collection Services?

Many people choose to do much of their shopping online. However, there's no substitute for being able to shop in person. Maintaining a physical office or retail space can be excellent for business owners. Physical stores can attract foot traffic, enticing passersby who might not otherwise have known of your business. However, stores and office buildings must be appropriately cared for. In addition to regular custodial services, business owners must also schedule routine trash collections. [Read More]

Pivotal Considerations When Pursuing a Home Water Treatment System

Water treatment systems are very useful to residential properties that deal with water contaminants. If you're mindful of these things, choosing and using one of these systems in your home will be truly amazing. Costs of Operation Before getting dead-set on any one water treatment system, you want to find out the true costs of operation. That way, you can plan ahead and end up with a system that's completely manageable for you to pay for over the years. [Read More]

It's A Sign? How To Tell When You Need A Home Water Treatment System

If you still haven't invested in a whole-house water treatment system, now's a good time to make the investment. Most municipal water companies do their best to provide clean water, but they often fall short. Unfortunately, when they do fall short, they aren't always quick to notify their customers, which can leave you with poor quality water in your home. Not only that, but even quality water can be high in minerals, which leaves you with hard water problems. [Read More]